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Heavy Haul, LLC

We know the ropes and the routes

Girardi's is a full-service hauling company. No matter the job, we've got the right equipment to get it done.  Local to long distances, light hauling to heavy hauling.  We are proud to be your one-stop shop for your hauling needs.


Our Hauling Fleet provides a wide variety of tractor and trailer combination offering multi-axle lowboys, drop deck, flat beds and landolls to accommodate any type of hauling.  We also move asphalt plants, crushing and portable concrete plants.   We employ professional personnel to handle all of your hauling needs. You'll feel confident with our quality team.

Call 970-434-5629 for your personalized consultation to determine your transportation needs.

Over 30 years of difficult loads

"There was a delay in setting our piers, but the operator didn't just sit and wait. He got out, helped shovel, measure, and coordinate. Those small things are valuable, and I wish to compliment your work ethic."

- Mike Simons, Sunshine Propane, LLC

Take advantage of our diversified fleet

to meet the challenges of your shipping needs

MOVE IT!     HAUL IT!    

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